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Foamed Polystyrene Granulate

This foamed styrofoam of polystyrene - an intermediate for the preparation of styrofoam blocks, is in a form of loose granules with the size from 2 to 8 mm. The granulate can be foamed to any weight.

The granulate is used as a material for:

  • filling the floor between joists,
  • as a lightweight aggregate for concrete products,
  • as a filling for hard-to-reach areas, roofs and open spaces,
  • in the walls by insufflation,
  • as a filling for rehabilitation and bedsore-scent mattresses,
  • as a filling of poof-stools, certain types of furniture and as a component in the production of ornaments.

Granules are black or blue. It should be protected against the reach of birds or rodents.

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