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The company STYRMANN has delivered goods to customers from all regions of our country since starting the production of EPS panels and has developed the business cooperation with partners from Europe, Asia and USA.

Business partners satisfaction is the main purpose of company Styrmann so based on our long-standing experience and to gratify the customer’s expectations, in 2004 we launched the manufacture of new expandable polystyrene foamed panels which are a complement of our offer.

We own the most modern technological lines used for manufacturing almost 500 000 cubic meters EPS per year. Of course everything with the best parameters which guarantee the best quality and the stability of dimensions. This has influence to the ease and quality of application. All our goods are produced from high quality raw material. Company STYRMANN provides the modern machinery park.

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Our factory offers best-quality products in compliance with EU and up to the local standards. All Styrmann products are tested in a laboratory equipped with best quality measurement equipment. They are also monitored in the Institute of Quality Control system.

A network of cooperating warehouses and building depots, and the Styrmann’s vehicle fleets is the basis of delivery on time and accessibility of our goods all over Poland.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our sales agents from all regions of Poland will answer to your questions and help you to choose the most appropriate products.

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STYRMANN Sp. z o. o.
100 Chmielna Street Poland
00-801 Warsaw

REGON 017483028
NIP 527 23 66 031
KRS 0000090188
tel. +48 (22) 725 62 73
fax +48 (22) 725 62 79

Gawartowa Wola 32
05-085 Kampinos
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Łukasz Ochocki
mobile +48 695 111 607
e-mail: lochocki@styrmann.com.pl

Damian Mangold
mobile +48 605 476 406
e-mail: d.mangold@styrmann.com.pl

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